Intellectual Property Services

Two of the world centers of intellectual property infringement are India and China. SmithDehn has lawyers on staff in its Mysore legal outsourcing office, and readily available in other cities, with valuable knowledge and experience in effectively investigating and prosecuting infringers. From setting up brand protection cells, to working with local investigation firms, litigators, police, and government officials, SmithDehn INDIA goes beyond traditional legal process outsourcing (LPO) to provide a one-stop shop for its clients. We provide them the security of knowing that the work on the ground is being supervised by experienced and trusted professionals, who themselves are supervised by U.S. intellectual property litigators.

Apart from trademark and copyright registration services, and title search reports, SmithDehn INDIA also provides a comprehensive range of IP and Legal Consulting services. Our object is to provide effective commercial solutions for your business while we take care to fit those solutions within the framework of the law.

Our multidisciplinary team provides depth of experience combined with up-to-date technical knowledge to allow our clients the best overall package. Our IP consultants have strong technical backgrounds and extensive legal and commercial experience. Our team members, comprising of Patent Agents and Patent Attorneys, are highly skilled and qualified in different areas of technology.

IP Services

We offer a wide range and combination of intellectual property and business intelligence services to our clients. We help clients to formulate comprehensive and holistic Intellectual Property Policies to enable effective management of the clients’ intellectual assets. We also participate in the clients' management processes to advise in the formulation of a meaningful Intellectual Property Portfolio Management Policy enabling tracking and maintenance of all intellectual assets.

IP Analytics

We assist and advise inventors and the R&D community to develop and crystallize their ideas into patentable inventions. We assist our clients to achieve the maximum competitive advantage from effective exploitation and protection of their intellectual assets. We help our clients to assess market potential and commercial trends. IP Analytics services we provide are:

  • Prior Art Search
  • Patentability Analysis
  • Patent Infringement & Analysis
  • Patent Mapping
  • Patent Drafting & Prosecution
  • IP Due Diligence & IP Audit

IP Consulting

Today the main challenge for companies is to understand and identify their IP portfolio and then optimize its latent value. Our IP Consultants develop strategies for protecting and enhancing the revenue stream from patents, trademarks and copyrights. Through IP consulting services, we try to align our client’s IP strategy with its business. We try to identify areas for significant improvement in business results of the organization through changes or improvements in IP processes and protecting existing IP. We also help our clients develop global portfolios that strongly position the client company in the international market. IP consulting services we provide are:

  • IP Strategy & Policy Formulation
  • IP Portfolio Creation & Management
  • IP Valuation & Licensing

IP Trainings to Corporate Entities & Educational Institutions

We conduct seminars, training and orientation programs for our clients in order to position them as major leaders by strengthening their Intellectual Property portfolio and knowledge. Our IP trainings are primarily focused on IP and R&D strategies. Our aim is to position our clients as invention hubs in their respective fields. We assist corporate bodies in attaining an IP-driven business model. Our IP training programs are customized to the specific needs of the company and the group attending in particular.