SmithDehn INDIA has been ranked the #1 outsourcing company in the world. This client satisfaction ranking is among over 2,700 service providers of all types, including legal process outsourcing (LPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), information technology (IT), and business process outsourcing (BPO). The Times of India carries a detailed report. (Note: one of the other companies mentioned is no longer operating.) Our legal outsourcing services, mostly in the high-end arena, include all manner of legal research and analysis, drafting contracts and court papers, handling all types of business dealings, as well as title searches, trademark searches, and applications for trademark and copyright registration. No other legal outsourcing company in India is managed by a U.S. law firm. New-York-and-Los-Angeles-based SmithDehn LLP, also with offices in Washington DC and London, manages and supervises our legal outsourcing services. The top quality of our work and the reputation of these Western lawyers have attracted clients such as law firms, solo practitioners, major film and television studios, other media companies, retail brands, and manufacturers. From our center of operations in Mysore, we are tackling one of the most critical concerns of today's businesses, namely, the drawbacks of having legal services provided from locations that can be among the most high-priced, and the least efficient.

What are the reasons for our success, and for our number one ranking in the industry? We've identified at least five:

1. SmithDehn INDIA is the only LPO managed by a Western law firm.

Our Western and other clients choose SmithDehn INDIA for their legal services needs because of an assurance of quality and accountability. Experienced U.S. and/or U.K. attorneys or solicitors train and supervise all of our associates. Additionally, our associates themselves are graduates from top Indian law schools, experienced lawyers and/or law professors chosen after a rigorous selection process in which only 1 out of every 900 candidates is successful.

2. SmithDehn INDIA focuses on high-end legal work

Our focus on areas such as legal research, drafting of motions, briefs, discovery requests and responses, drafting of contracts, handling media business affairs, registration of trademarks and copyrights, processing immigration visas, title and other trademark searches and reports, and a variety of other high-end services, offer our clients higher value and has made SmithDehn INDIA a legal outsourcing pioneer in the high-end arena.

3. SmithDehn INDIA is the only high-end legal process outsourcing provider in Mysore

Mysore, ranked by the New York Times as #4 on its worldwide list of "31 Places to Go ," is just a two-hour drive or express train ride from Bangalore. The beautiful city of Mysore remains pleasant, green, uncrowded and inexpensive. Unlike "metro" cities, the cost of office space in Mysore is only 1/43rd the cost of similar space in midtown Manhattan, for example, and that is part of the reason that SmithDehn INDIA bases its operations in Mysore. The city also has many old and respected colleges and law schools that incubate a large number of stellar potential contributors to the legal and IT fields every year.

4. SmithDehn INDIA defies the Stereotype of "Outsourcing U.S. Jobs"

SmithDehn INDIA's high-end legal outsourcing services result in lowered costs for our Western clients. Because legal services are suddenly affordable, it means more work for the Western lawyers involved in supervision, editing, negotiating, and/or appearing in court. That is one way that SmithDehn INDIA creates more legal jobs in the West, rather than cutting them. Another way we increase the number of jobs in the West is by allowing our U.S. and U.K. clients to increase their profits and growth. For example, our parent law firm has been able to increase the number of attorneys in its ranks, and it has been able to utilize and grow their talents, because of the first-rate legal support from SmithDehn INDIA.

5. The SmithDehn INDIA Cost Advantage

Having our headquarters in Mysore gives SmithDehn INDIA several advantages, especially in the area of costs. Our clients enjoy considerable savings over what attorneys in the West charge, or even over the cost of other offshore LPOs.

Our clients' fees go towards the legal professionals who provide the client services, and not primarily for our rent.

Our legal outsourcing professionals are not burdened with heavy student loans, because the cost of an exceptional legal education in India is not as staggering as the cost of a comparable program in the West. The end result is that we do not have to pay the relatively huge salaries that many new associates in the West are paid.

The cost of living in Mysore is so low that this is another reason we need not pay our legal associates the inflated salaries necessary just to live in one of the world's big cities. Our clients are paying only as much as necessary to have a talented and motivated work force of offshore legal professionals providing the legal services that the clients need.

So, whether directly or through an innovative law firm, when a client hires SmithDehn INDIA, the client pays for top quality, timely, cost efficient legal services, provided by eager, skilled legal professionals, at a location that serves the best interests of the client.

Everyone Wins With SmithDehn INDIA

Outsourced legal services are handled better, faster, and much less expensively by or team here at SmithDehn INDIA. Our clients' profits are enhanced and, so is their rate of growth.

That is how clients in the West win.

Lawyers in the West can direct their energies to improving on their principal competencies and assume more challenging roles, because legal outsourcing helps their companies and law firms achieve unprecedented growth. leading to more employment rather than less.

That is how Western employees and lawyers win.

Indian employees can unleash their skills and talents and are rewarded in new and better ways. Extremely capable people, who had reluctantly relocated to congested, expensive, bigger cities, are returning to their families in Mysore, since SmithDehn INDIA offers previously unavailable opportunities.

That is how legal outsourcing service providers win.

With our "win-win-win" philosophy, the synchronicity of development between the East and the West results in yet another win - that of the global community.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to change the way the legal services industry works; to see dramatic, positive results in quality, efficiency, turn-around time and cost. SmithDehn INDIA is leading this change by example.

We envision law without borders. Old barriers such as geographical distances and varying time zones are transforming into opportunities. SmithDehn INDIA has already begun these pioneering changes based on what our clients actually need. These changes include improved systems for billing and the extension of the “work day” – since we often work while our clients sleep.

The changes we envision are radical and revolutionary in an industry that until recently has long done things the old way, held back by tradition, inertia, and a lack of responsiveness. We will see more deals done, instead of deals killed by over-lawyering. We will see cases decided on their merits, rather than on what is expedient or who can afford the legal bills. We also picture the strengthening of the Western law firm and the sharpening of bright lawyers’ core skills, because of the legal outsourcing support the lawyers and firms receive from SmithDehn INDIA.

Our Company Philosophy

Cultivating new ideas and implementing them carefully and creatively to benefit clients is crucial to the success of any business. This can only happen in an atmosphere of support, respect and encouragement where every individual employee's skills are allowed to grow.

With the world becoming smaller every day, our employees realize that their individual contribution of ideas and actions can have a powerful impact on the company and even the world. Keeping that in mind, every individual at our company takes their social responsibility and personal responsibility very seriously.

Work-life balance is a myth. Work is a part of life and vice versa. Work is not just a means to an end, but rather a calling and a service. Every job, every task, even that which is seemingly small, is valuable and is an opportunity to serve. That is why we believe every job should be done with pride and excellence.

Applying these beliefs at every level within our company, we work to accomplish all that and more.

SmithDehn LLP and SmithDehn INDIA

SmithDehn INDIA is a separate Indian company, which provides legal outsourcing services to a number of different law firms. Although attorneys at our parent law firm, SmithDehn LLP, play an important role in the management, supervision, and training at our office, our Indian legal outsourcing company is not a captive of any one firm. We also do similar legal outsourcing work for many corporate and other clients who are not clients of SmithDehn LLP. Although we provide many of the same services of a global law firm, often with both higher quality and lower rates, SmithDehn INDIA is not a law firm. We do not "practice law" or provide legal advice.

However, in situations where a client needs legal advice, or representation in court, or similar services that only a U.S.-or-U.K.-licensed attorney can provide, we can refer you to SmithDehn LLP or other law firms working with SmithDehn INDIA.

Numerous U.S. ethics panels now have ruled in favor of legal outsourcing. These include American Bar Association Ethics Opinion 08-451, which states that (a) "U.S. lawyers are free to outsource legal work, including to lawyers or non-lawyers outside the country, if they adhere to [various] ethics rules," (b) legal outsourcing is "a salutary trend in a global economy," and (c) "outsourcing can reduce client costs and enable small firms to provide labor intensive services such as large, discovery intense litigation, even though the firms might not maintain sufficient ongoing staff to handle the work."